ESR14: Synthesis and characterization of upconversion-based NO-releasing molecules (photo-NORMs)

at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena/Germany
Institute of Physical Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Benjamin Dietzek (

Candidates with a background in chemistry are invited to apply for a PhD position in the Institute of Physical Chemistry (subgroup: Molecular Photonics; lead: Prof. Benjamin Dietzek) at Friedrich Schiller University (Jena, Germany).

The aim of the doctoral project is to synthesise metal complexes, which show light-triggered release of therapeutic doses of NO (photo-NORMs) and evaluate them in solution, lipid membranes and in cells (in-vitro). The candidate will develop different strategies to synthesise photo-NORMs and optimise the molecules for perspective application as therapeutic agents for endothelial dysfunction. Therefore, he/she will study the NO-release of photo-NORMs in solution, characterise the photo-induced processes and incorporate photo-NORMs together with NO sensor molecules in liposome carrier systems to form a novel supramolecular theranostic system, which will be tested in cell (co)-cultures, artery-on-a-chip or ex-vivo arteries.

Secondments: quantum chemical modelling of photophysical properties in lipid membranes (2 months at the company SciClus/Germany), research on triplet-triplet annihilation upconversion systems for red-light activation of NORMs (one month at UL/Netherlands) and in-vitro and ex-vivo studies of NORMs (2 months at JUK/Poland)

Requirements: Master degree in Chemistry, with majors in synthetic Inorganic/Organic Chemistry. Preferably, the candidate is experienced in the spectroscopic characterisation of molecular compounds. Interest in the field of photochemistry and photophysics are beneficial.

Planned start date: 1st July 2019

Application deadline: 30th April 2019

Contact: Applications should be sent to Prof. Benjamin Dietzek at Informal enquiries may be addressed to Dr. Martin Schulz at

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