ESR13: Development of a healthy and diseased microfluidic artery model (artery-on-a-chip)

at Mimetas B.V. – The Organ on a Chip Company, Leiden/The Netherlands
Contact: Dr. Lenie van den Broek (

Candidates with a background in cell biology, molecular biology and/ or chemistry are invited to apply for a PhD position in the department of model development (head Dr H Lanz) at MIMETAS B.V. Leiden, The Netherlands. You will be employed and do research at MIMETAS B.V. Leiden. In addition you will be registered at the University Leiden (UL) to obtain the PhD degree.

The aim of the doctoral project is to develop a healthy and diseased microfluidic artery model (artery-on-a-chip) in OrganoPlates® and to incorporate sensors and supramolecular logic gates in this model to establish new tools for biomedical research. Organ-on-chips are microfluidic devices for culturing living cells in continuously perfused, micrometer-sized chambers, such that they maintain tissue- and organ-level functions. A stable healthy artery-on-a-chip model will be developed. The candidate will induce endothelial dysfunction in this healthy artery model to get a diseased artery-on-a-chip model. Sensors and supramolecular logic gates, such as fluorescent sensor for ED-relevant analytes (NO/O2 and shear stress) or theranostic system, will be evaluated in the artery-on-a-chip models under static and flow conditions. The candidate will discriminate healthy and diseased artery models using these molecular logic sensors.

Secondments: assessment of spectral properties of photoinduced NO-releasing molecules in microfluidic model of vasculature (2 months at UL/Netherlands, investigation of microfluidic model of vasculature using Raman-imaging (2 months at JUK/Poland) and fluorescence (lifetime) imaging of sensors under flow (one month at DCU/Ireland).

Requirements: Master degree in Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and/or Chemistry. The candidate should have interest in developing and translating technology to establish new tools for biomedical research. The candidate should have good knowledge of (3D) cell culture and laboratory equipment such as microscopes and plate readers. Knowledge in the field of Organ-on-a-chip are great assets. He/she should be able to communicate with scientists and engineers of different disciplines and have a motivated, flexible and positive work attitude. As an equal opportunity employer Mimetas is committed to increase the percentage of female scientists and therefore especially encourages them to apply.

Planned start date: 1st April 2019

Application deadline: 31st January 2019

Contact: Applications should be sent to ​Ms Esther Groenewoud at Informal enquiries may be addressed to Dr Lenie van den Broek at